Product Description :

  • Organic virucide for control of viral diseases.
  • VIRA is first of its kind broad spectrum virucide for crop protection against viral diseases.
  • VIRA not only protects the crop from viral  infections but also builds resistance against the disease.
  • VIRA is Combination of rare herbs which stops the virus growth immediately and gives fresh growth to the plant.
  • Mode of action:
    1. VIRA enters the plant through stomatal  opening and gets translocated into plant system though vascular bundles.
    2. ii)On entry into the plant systems encapsulates the viron particles, thus opens up the conductive tissue blocked by the virus particles and pant starts to recover and new virus free leaves start to emerge.
  • VIRA is effective within 15 days of application. 

Dosage : 

  • 3-4 ml /lit of water with repeated application within 
  • 5-7 days to get the better control.

250 gms /500 gms HDPE bottles