Natural Crop immunizer

Product Description:
  • YAARINOVA is a unique organic product with characteristic composite of bio-elements. 
  • This proprietary product provides unique, powerful nutritional and vitamin support to the plants. 
  • This amalgamated product provides nutrients and helps in better nutrient assimilation, increasing the photosynthesis and yield of the crop. 
  • It enhances the nutritional & precursor molecules like phospholipids, sugars, amino acids and other non-nutritive glycosides which serve as signaling stimuli evoking the behavioural response in several pests. 
  • YAARINOVA helps in immunity build up in plants through biochemical processes and helps in better plant growth and yield.


  • YAARINOVA can be used on all crops and doesn’t leave residue on the crop. 
  • It is recommended only for foliar applications. 

Dosage : 

  • Dilute YAARINOVA in good quality of water @ 2-3 ml Per liter of water and stir well till dissolves. 
  • Please shake the bottle before use. 
  • Spray the solutions the same day of preparation and ensure that whole plant is covered on both sides of the leaves for excellent result. 
  • It is recommended for spraying, early in the morning or evening for good effect. 
  • Use Double dose for power sprayer. 
  • Use sticker for better coverage.



  • YAARINOVA though a natural product must be kept away from the reach of children and pets. 
  • Store the product in a sealed container and keep in a cool place. 
  • In case of contact with eyes – wash with plenty of water.