Product Description: 
  • Bio-dynamic Product For Fruit Crops
  • Helps enhance vegetative & reproductive growth of plant.
  • Helps improve yield of product.
  • Enhances and retains original Taste & Texture of fruit. 
  • Increase diseases resistance power of Plant.
  • Minimize flower drop there by ensures more production per plant .
  • Helps improve soil micro flora up to 1crore  per gm of soil.
  • Helps reduce dependence on synthetic fertilizers , pesticides, fungicide, bactericide and viricides, and ultimately the cost of production.
  • Contains more than 20 amino acids ,combined with  different vitamins, proteins and minerals.
  • Do not mix with chemical fertilisers or agro chemicals.
  • Please read the instructions for use on the bottle before application.
 Dosage :
Age of plant Dosage /Lit of water Application Interval
Upto 1 year age 0.5 ml Every 10 days
1 year to 8 years 1 ml Every 10 days
Above 8 years 1.5 ml Every 7 days