• Bio-dynamic Product For Soil Fertility
  • Dhamak is based on Phyto energy technology, using the natural plant extracts.
  • Maximises bioavailability of minerals in soil
  • Helps improve soil conditions and makes plant healthy.
  • Helps in increase disease resistance power of plants.
  • Improves quality of fruits, flowers, vegetables & cereals
  • Helps in prolific root growth of plants, there by helps plant to draw nutrients more efficiently.
  • Minimises soil deterioration & ensures optimum nutrient uptake from soil.
  • Increases micro floral population up to 10 million per gm of soil.
  • Contains more than 20 amino acids ,combined with different vitamins, proteins and minerals.

Dosage and method of application : 1 Lit /acre every 30 days.

DHAMAK should be drenched into the soil through Drip irrigation system or with spray pump with out using the nozzle. Please ensure that the solution is drenched alongside the root zone of the crop.

Caution: Do not mix with chemical fertilisers or agrochemicals .Please read the instructions for use on the bottel before application.