Product Description :  

Organic Natural Fertilizer tablets.
  • e-Nutri is  Obtained through microbial sources combined with advanced fermenter based technology. N,P & K is extracted individually from consortium of microbes and packaged into tablets having  supreme  ease and convenience of application through Foliar and drip system for all crops. 
  • e-Nutri is a patented technological product for which the patent application has already been accepted. 
  • e-Nutri is designed and aimed to replace the synthetic fertilizers completely with Natural Fertilizers. 
  • e-Nutri is certified as organic by CONTROL UNION certification body.
  • e-Nutri has high C:N ratio .very useful for the soil to rejunuvate.
  • e-Nutri is an environmentally safe  does not produce green house gases during manufacturing compared to synthetic fertilizers.

Dosage :
1 tablet/15-20 lit spray pump for foliar application or 10 tablets /acre through
drip irrigation system.

Easy to carry monocarton of 10 tablets.